Celtic dragonFolklore and Mythology


Folklore is more than a collection of stories.  In a sense, folklore is the verbal and/or written embodiment of a people’s soul, a mirroring on a large scale of the individual’s subconscious. We have a large number of resources of interest to folklorists and mythologists; please scan the list below to get an idea of some of the topics covered:


    Astrological Mythology
    Astrology in Shakespeare’s Plays
    Recommended Astrology Books

British, Celtic, and Irish Folklore
    Black Dogs in Folklore
    Celtic Revivals in Paganism

    Ouija Boards
    Playing Card Divination
    Tarot Books
    Tarot Cards – A Brief History

Dream Interpretation

    Ancient Egyptian Magick


Greek and Roman Mythology
The Gods of Greece, by John Kelman.

    Halloween.  Poem by Robert Burns with various folkloric allusions, plus additional information.

Lost Civilizations
    Atlantis – Plato’s History. 

    Magic Mirrors
    Of Magic, by Augustine Calmet

Northern European, Germanic, and Nordic Folklore & Mythology
    Wotan, on the World Spirituality website

Religious Subjects
    Angels – by Thomas Moore
    Elizabethan Demonology
    Foundation Stones in Revelation
    Phantom World: The History and Philosophy of Spirits and Apparations, by Augustine Calmet
    Witchcraft, by James Russell Lowell

Secret Societies

Supernatural Powers
    Power of Concentration
    Second Sight

    Dictionary of Mythology
    Language of Gems
    Superstitions Regarding Babies