Book Collecting


IvanhoeWe have a number of pages on our website devoted to various aspects of collecting antiquarian books. Click on one of the links below to find the information you’re looking for:


Book Condition – Determining and describing the condition of a used or rare book


Book Collecting Terminology – For antiquarians


The Book-Hunter in London, by W. Roberts


Book Values – Determining how much a used or rare book might be worth


Books and Bookmen, by Andrew Lang.  A whole book on the subject . . .


Books for Book Collectors – some suggestions


A Brief Introduction to Philatelic Literature


Caring for Your Book Collection


The Enemies of Books, by William Blades.  Interesting reading on caring for books, and what occurs when one neglects to do so.


Eugene Field – A Memory


Forty Centuries of Ink, by David N. Carvalho. Although this book was not written for stamp collectors, collectors will, nevertheless, find a great deal of interesting information related to inks.


The Haunted Bookshop, by Christopher Morley.  This is a work of fiction, and may seem at first a bit out of place on this list; but we can assure you that no true bibliophile has ever regretted familiarity with this light-hearted novel.


The Library, by Andrew Lang


Literary Taste: How to Form It, by Arnold Bennett


Love Affairs of a Bibliomaniac, by Eugene Field


Miscellaneous Essays on Book Collecting


NRA Firearms Classic Library


Old Cookery Books, by W. Carew Hazlitt


The Old West Time-Life Series


On Books and the Housing of Them, by William Ewart Gladstone


The Philobiblon, by Richard de Bury


Things Found in Books, by D. J. McAdam