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What follows is a list of just some of the many, many fascinating playing cards currently or previously available from various manufacturers, both European and American. Our thought is that such a list will inspire you to think about the idea of collecting playing cards as a hobby. There are also links to various topics related to playing cards that appear on our website.

  • Brueghel – Hunters in the Snow.  Double deck bridge set.  Piatnik.  Austria.
  • Cezanne Gift Bridge Set.  Piatnik.
  • M C Escher Playing Cards.  Piatnik, Austria.  2-deck set, entitled “Up and Down.”  1992.
  • Erté
    • Nile.  Two-deck bridge set from Piatnik.  2002.
    • Secret.  Two-deck bridge set from Piatnik.  2002.
  • Guggenheim.  Single deck from Piatnik.
  • Impressionist Masterpieces.  Single deck from Piatnik, 2003.
  • Klimt.
    • Emilie.  Double deck bridge set.  Piatnik.  Austria.
    • Fritza.  Double deck bridge set.  Piatnik.  Austria.
  • Monet Gift Bridge Set.
  • Mucha.
    • Biscuits.
    • Dreams.
    • Hyacinta.
    • Monte Carlo.  Double deck bridge set.  Piatnik.  Austria.
    • Sarah Bernhardt.  Double deck bridge set.  Piatnik.  Austria.
  • Picasso Playing Cards, double deck bridge set.  Piatnik.
  • Renoir.  2-deck bridge set, Piatnik.
  • Norman Rockwell Playing Cards
  • Seurat.  Double deck bridge set.  Piatnik.  Austria.
  • Self-Portrait Pack
  • Toulouse-Lautrec 2-deck bridge set, one deck features “Moulin Rouge – La Goulue,” other features “Ambassadeurs.”  Piatnik.

Bicycle Playing Cards

Bicycle brand playing cards

We have a special page devoted to Bicycle brand playing cards – please click here.  Includes Bicycle Bridge Size Playing Cards and Braille Playing Cards.

Christmas Playing Cards

  • Christmas.  Plastic playing cards, 2-deck bridge-size set, from KEM.
  • Old Time Christmas Angels Double Deck Playing Cards.  Packaged in tin.
  • Victorian Santas.  Congress.  Printed in Spain.  2 decks, mates.  

Congress Playing Cards

  • For a partial listing of Congress playing cards, click here.


Cultural & Ethnic Playing Cards

  • Ancient Egypt Playing Cards, 2 deck set.  Piatnik.
  • Arabian Design Art Playing Cards. Piatnik.
  • Hungarian Playing Cards.  2 decks.  Piatnik, Austria.  
  • Native American Playing Cards I.
  • Native American Playing Cards II.
  • Polonia (Poland) Playing Cards, 2 deck set.  Piatnik.
  • Persian Art.  Piatnik.
  • Shamrock Irish Heritage Playing Cards, 2 deck set.  Piatnik.

Fortune-Telling Playing Cards

For more information on this topic, see the article on fortune-telling playing cards by Marina Robbins.

  • Antique Fortune Telling Cards.  32 cards in pack.  Piatnik.
  • Art Deco Fortune Telling Cards.  Piatnik, introduced in 2002.
  • Biedermeier Fortune Telling Cards.  Piatnik. 
  • The Fortune Teller’s Deck.  A deck and book set by Jane Lyle.  Published by Stoddart.

Gypsy Witch cards

Fournier Playing Cards

  • Difficult to acquire in the USA – for a list of some, please click here.


Gem Playing Cards


Historical Playing Cards

  • 1864 Poker Deck.
  • Antique Map Playing Cards. Piatnik, Austria.
  • Black History Playing Card Deck.  “52 portraits and biographies of notable black persons in America’s rich heritage.”  US Games.
  • Civil War Illuminated Poker Deck.
  • Early Aviation Playing Cards

Imperial Playing Cards

KEM All-Plastic Playing Cards


Literary Playing Cards – Works, Authors and Literary Characters

  • Authors Card Game – click here for rules and full listing.
  • Shakespeare Playing Cards.  2 decks, 55 cards per pack.  US Games.  1992.
  • Writers & Poets Playing Cards.  Single deck. 


Military & Patriotic Playing Cards

  • Civil War Union Emblems.  
  • Iraq Most Wanted Playing Cards (Authorized Edition).
  • Patriotic Playing Cards – Army
  • Three Cheers Playing Cards (Congress)
  • Union and Confederate Military Leaders Playing Cards.  2 decks, poker size.  US Games.  1995.
  • World War I Poster Playing Card Deck
  • World War II Posters Playing Card Deck.


Non-Standard (unusual shapes, etc.) Playing Cards

  • Big Bicyle Deck.  US Playing Card Co.
  • Braille Playing Cards.  US Playing Card Co.
  • Crooked Deck Playing Cards.  US Games.  1967, 1989.
  • Four-color decks
  • Miniature Playing Cards
  • Mummy Playing Cards.  Cards in the shape of sarcophagi. 
  • Piatnik Jumbo Size Playing Cards.  
  • Square Deal Playing Cards – square deck


Performing Arts

  • Elvis Presley Playing Cards
  • Screen Legends Playing Cards


Piatnik Playing Cards

  • For a brief history of Piatnik playing cards, click here


Pictorial Playing Cards

  • Language of Flowers Playing Cards
  • Optical Illusions Playing Cards.  US Games, printed in Belgium.  
  • Teddy Bear Playing Cards
  • Victorian Playing Cards


Proverbs Playing Cards


Reproduction & Facsimile Playing Cards

  • 1864 playing card deck1864 Poker Deck.   Reproduction of a Civil War-era poker deck with full length, single-ended court figures. Box is also authentic reproduction.   US Games.  Civil War Illuminated Playing Cards Deck.  US Games.  Civil War Union Emblems Playing Cards. 

Sports-Related Playing Cards

  • Golf
    • Golf.  Plastic playing cards, 2-deck set, from KEM.
    • Ladies Golf.  2-deck bridge set, one deck features “Golf Monte Carlo,” other features “Golf Club d’Alsace.”  Piatnik.  
    • Nostalgic Golf.  2-deck set, one deck features “The Players Shop,” other features “Winners of the Challenge Trophy.”  Congress.  
    • St. Andrews Golf Bridge Set.


Squeezers – old-time brand, also known as Bulldog Squeezers

Triton Playing Cards

Tarot Cards

  • Lo Scarabeo


Wildlife Playing Cards


Other Reference Sources

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International Playing-Card Society
6 Reynard’s Copse
Colchester  C04 4UR
United Kingdom
The premier organization for playing card collectors.  Their journal, The Playing-Card, is published bimonthly.