NRA Firearms Classic Library


NRA Firearms ClassicsThe National Rifle Association (NRA) Firearms Classic Library is a collection of previously issued books about firearms, bound in attractive ribbed leather bindings with gilt decoration and with all edges gilt. 

To the best of our knowledge, the earliest books in the series were issued in 1995. I am grateful to reader Dick L, who recently provided me with an up-to-date list of books which he obtained from Palladium Press.

Collecting the various volumes is an interesting endeavor, especially (and obviously) if one has an interest in firearms.  The books are of various sizes, since the original works were not re-typeset.  The majority of volumes were originally issued at something like $39.95 per volume.  Many can be found in very good condition today for between $25 and $50, though some of the books in the series are becoming scarce and command higher prices.


Book # TITLE         AUTHOR      
1 The Rifle in America       Philip B. Sharpe    
2 Guns of the Old West       Charles Edward Chapel    
3 The Gun and Its Development     W.W. Greener    
4 African Rifles and Cartridges     John Taylor      
5 Shotguns by Keith       Elmer Keith      
6 Textbook of Pistols and Revolvers     Major Julian S. Hatcher    
7 Firearms of the Confederacy     Claud E. Fuller & Richard D. Steuart  
8 Gunsmithing         Roy F. Dunlap    
9 Firearms Curiosa       Lewis Winant    
10 Hatcher’s Notebook (Revised)     Major Julian S. Hatcher    
11 The Muzzle-Loading Cap Lock Rifle     Ned H. Roberts    
12 Sixguns and Bullseyes       William Reichenbach    
13 The Bullets Flight       F. W. Mann      
14 The Book of the Springfield     Edward C. Crossman    
15 Smith and Wesson Handguns     Roy C. McHenry, Walter F. Roper  
16 The Kentucky Rifle       G.W. Dillin      
17 NRA Book of Small Arms Vol. I–Pistols & Revolvers Walter H.B. Smith    
18 NRA Book of Small Arms Vol. II–Rifles     Walter H.B. Smith    
19 A History of the Colt Revolver     Charles T. Haven & Frank A. Belden  
20 With British Snipers to the Reich      Clifford Shore    
21 Ordnance Went Up Front       Roy F. Dunlap    
22 Textbook of Firearms Investigation     Julian Hatcher    
23 Military and Sport Rifle Shooting     Edward C. Crossman    
24 Gun Collecting       Charles Edward Chapel    
25 English Pistols & Revolvers      John Nigel George    
26 .22 Caliber Rifle Shooting        Charles Singer Landis    
27 Walther Pistols and Mauser Rifles      Walter H.B. Smith     
28 The Hunting Rifle       Townsend Whelen    
29 English Guns & Rifles        John Nigel George    
30 Textbook of Automatic Pistols      R.K. Wilson      
31 A Rifleman Went to War       Herbert W. McBride    
32 The American Shotgun       Charles Askins    
33 Small Arms Design and Ballistics Volume I   Townsend Whelen    
34 Small Arms Design and Ballistics Volume II   Townsend Whelen    
35 Firearms in American History, Vol I     Charles Winthrop Sawyer  
36 Firearms in American History, Vol II     Charles Winthrop Sawyer  
37 Firearms in American History, Vol III     Charles Winthrop Sawyer  
38 Mannlicher Rifles and Pistols      Walter H.B. Smith    
39 Rifles and Rifle Shooting        Charles Askins    
40 Keith’s Rifles for Large Game      Elmer Keith      
41 Big Game Rifles & Cartridges and Sixgun Cartridges Elmer Keith      
42 The Muzzle-Loading Rifle–Then and Now    Walter M. Cline    
43 Pepperbox Firearms        Lewis Winant    
44 The Art of Handgun Shooting      Charles Askins    
45 Shots Fired in Anger       Lt. Col John B. George    
46 Modern American Pistols and Revolvers   Arthur C. Gould    
47 Modern American Rifles        Arthur C. Gould    
48 Identification of Firearms and Forensic Ballistics  Gerald Burrard    
49 Modern Gunsmithing       Clyde Baker      
50 .22 Caliber Varmint Rifle       Charles S. Landis    
51 CommonSense Shotgun Shooting     Fred Etchen      
52 Himmelwright Pistol and Revolver Shooting   Himmelwright    
53 Triggernometry       Eugene Cunningham    
54 Handloader’s Manual       Earl Naramore    
55 Small Bore Rifle Shooting       Edward C. Crossman    
56 Amateur Gunscraftsman       James Virgil Howe    
57 The Modern Pistol       Walter Winans    
58 Sporting Firearms       Horace Kephart    
59 Practical Dope on the .22       F. C. Ness      
60 Practical Dope on the Big Bores     F. C. Ness      
61 The American Rifle       Townsend Whelen    
62 Riflecraft Shooters Guide       Charles Singer Landis    
63 Experiments of a Handgunner     Walter Roper    
64 Book of Pistols and Revolvers     Hugh B.C. Pollard    
65 Telescopic Rifle Sights       Townsend Whelen    
66 Rifles and Machine Guns       Melvin Johnson    
67 Modern Shotguns and Loads     Charles Askins    
68 Truesdell’s The Rifle       S. R. Truesdell    
69 Suggestions to Military Riflemen     Whelen/Greener    
70 Sporting Rifles/Rifle Shooting     John Caswell    
71 Why Not Load Your Own!     Townsend Whelen    
72 History of Firearms       Hugh B.C. Pollard    
73 From Flint Lock to M1       Joseph W. Shields, Jr.    
74 Modern Rifle Shooting from the American Standpoint W. G. Hudson    
75 Ultimate in Rifle Precision       Townsend Whelen    
76 Rimfire Rifleman       Edward Brown    
77 Bullet’s Flight Reprint       F. W. Mann      
78 Deane’s Manual of Firearms     John Deane      
79 The Book of the Garand       Julian S. Hatcher    
80 Sixguns and Bullseyes Reprint     William Reichenbach    
81 Ropers Pistols/Revolvers       Walter F. Roper    
82 Instructions to Young Marksmen     Chapman/Farrow    
83 The Rifle and How to Use It     Hans Busk      
84 Wing and Trap Shooting       Charles Askins    
85 The American Shotgun Reprint     Charles Askins    
86 Elementary Gunsmithing       Perry D. Frazer    
87 Smith and Wesson Reprint     Roy C. McHenry, Walter F. Roper  
88 Wilderness Hunter       Theodore Roosevelt    
89 Guns/Gunning       Capt Paul A. Curtis    
90 A Forgotten Heritage       Harry P. Davis    
91 Mastering the Rifle & Pistol and Revolver   Morris Fisher    
92 For Permanent Victory       Melvin M Johnson, Jr/Charles T Haven  
93 Rifles and Shotguns       Warren H. Miller    
94 Hints to Riflemen       H. W. S. Cleveland    
95 The Art of Shooting       H. St. John Halford    
96 Complete Guide to Handloading Parts One/Two   Philip B. Sharpe    
97 Complete Guide to Handloading Part Three   Philip B. Sharpe    
98 Shooting         J. H. Fitzgerald    
99 America Breech Loading       Charles B. Norton    
100 Sport and Travel       Frederick Courteney Selous  
101 Purdey Shotgun       T. D. S. Purdey/Capt J.A. Purdey  
102 Gun and Its Development – reprint     W. W. Greener    
103 Textbook of Pistols and Revolvers – reprint   Major Julian S. Hatcher    
104 Sniping in France       Major H. Hesketh-Prichard  
105 The Gunsmith’s Manual       J.P. Steele, Wm B Harrison  
106 The Identification of Firearms     Jack Disbrow Gunther/Charles O. Gunther
107 Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting     Ed McGivern    
108 U.S, Martial Pistols       Arcadi Gluckman    
109 American Pistol Shooting       Major William D. Frazer    
110 Automatic Arms       Melvin M. Johnson, Jr./Charles T. Haven
111 Advanced Gunsmithing       W. F. Vickery    
112 Our Arms And Weapons       James E. Hicks    
113 Crack Shot         Edward C, Barber    
114 Small Wars Manual I       US Marine Corps    
115 Small Wars Manual II       US Marine Corps    
116 Complete Guide to Gunsmithing     Charles Edward Chapel    
117 Weapons of World War II       G. M. Barnes    
118 English Pistols & Revolvers – reprint     John Nigel George    
119 Sporting Firearms in Use Today     Paul A. Curtis, Jr.    
120 Amateur Gunsmithing       Townsend Whelen    
121 Fieldcraft, Sniping, Intelligence     Neville A. D. Armstrong    
122 Gunsmithing Simplified       Harold E. MacFarland    
123 Professional Gunsmithing       Walter J. Howe    
124 The Luger Pistol       Fred A. Datig    
125 Practical Manual of Guns       Maurice H. Decker    
126 Gun Care and Repair       Charles Edward Chapel    
127 A Smaill Arms Manual       Charles T. Haven      
128 Outdoor Pastimes       Theodore Roosevelt    
129 A Rifle in War       Henry Eames    
130 Firearms, Traps and Tools of the Mtn Men   Carl Russell      
131 Machine Guns       Hatcher, Wilhelm, Malony    
132 American Guns in the War with Germany   Ed Farrow      
133 The Strenuous Life       Theodore Roosevelt