Miscellaneous Information Related to Book Collecting


There is, for one reason or another, much that is “miscellaneous” about book collecting.  Book collecting may be described as a hobby, as a passion, even as an obsession, but I have never found it described as an exact science.

The various essays and articles (and poem!) below are well worth reading:

Rare Books


The Bibliomaniac’s Prayer


Book Illustrator Louis Grell


Books and Bookmen – A 1912 essay by Ian MacLaren.  (Why yes, it is a catchy title, isn’t it?)


Magical Spell for Book Collectors – From an old book, as fate would have it.


Non Libri Sed Liberi, by Kenneth Grahame.  The title is in Latin, but the essay is in English. 


NRA Firearms Classic Library


The Old West Time-Life Series