Copley Color Cards


Copley Color CardMy knowledge of Copley Color Cards is limited to the information presented here, which is, admittedly, not a great deal.  Nevertheless, it’s a start,

  1. Copley Color Cards were postcard-sized cards, each depicting a work of art accompanied by explanatory text. 

  2. Copley Color Cards were copyrighted by Curtis & Cameron, Inc., Publishers, Boston.

  3. Curtis & Cameron also produced prints called, “Copley Prints.”  I believe these may have been lithographs, but have no positive proof.  The company apparently produced other prints as well, not called Copley Prints. 

  4. It appears that Curtis & Cameron’s heyday of activity was in the late 1890’s to about 1902.  By 1904 we find mention of two presumably related companies: Evans and Cameron, and Curtis Publishing Co. 

  5. There is a Copley Color Card series depicting various panels from Abbey’s Quest of the Holy Grail.  The set I had consisted of twelve cards, but whether or not the set was complete is unknown to me.


Copley Quest CardsIt’s important to remember that, back when these cards were produced, printing in color was far from commonplace.