Buried Blueprints Jigsaw Puzzles


Buried Blueprints Wild West puzzleBuried Blueprints Jigsaw Puzzles were available from MasterPieces, but that company no longer lists the line on their website. Prior to MasterPieces, Buried Blueprints puzzles were manufactured by Bepuzzled. These were some of our favorite puzzles of all time, but we only made the puzzles manufactured by Bepuzzled, so cannot comment on the quality of the ones manufactured by MasterPieces. All Buried Blueprint jigsaw puzzles are 1,000 pieces, except the few Buried Blueprints for Kids puzzles, which were 165 pieces, and which we have not listed..

Buried Blueprints Gladiator PuzzleThe Gladiators

As far as we can tell, these are (or were) the titles put out by MasterPieces:

Adventures of Robin Hood

Egyptian Chronicles

The Gladiators

The Wild West (previously published by Bepuzzled)


And these were the titles put out by Bepuzzled:

Civil War at Sea

Dracula’s Castle

Garden of Eden

Golfer’s Paradise

Great Wall of China

King Solomon’s Mines

Last Flight of Amelia Earhart

Legends of King Arthur

Lost City of Atlantis

Moses and the Ten Commandments

Mount Everest

Noah’s Ark

The Wild West

The World of Cats