The Love Affairs of a Bibliomaniac


by Eugene Field




[Editor’s note: This work has always been a favorite among book collectors.  Eugene Field was a charming writer, and there is no question that he loved books. These two aspects of his personality converge nicely in the essays presented herein.]




My First Love


The Birth of a New Passion


The Luxury of Reading in Bed


The Mania of Collecting Seizes Me


Baldness and Intellectuality


My Romance With Fiammetta


The Delights of Fender-Fishing


Ballads and Their Makers


Booksellers and Printers, Old and New


When Fanchonette Bewitched Me


Diagnosis of the Bacillus Librorum


The Pleasures of Extra-Illustration


On the Odors Which My Books Exhale


Elzevirs and Divers Other Matters


A Book That Brings Solace and Cheer


The Malady Called Catalogitis


The Napoleonic Renaissance


My Workshop and Others


Our Debt to Monkish Men