Literature and Other Arts


The Five SensesThere is, in one form or another, a good bit of information concerning literature on our website, as one might well expect. There are also occasional essays and bits of information on other arts. Pages listed below should be of interest to individuals seeking information on these topics:


100 Best Books, by John Cowper Powys

Adventures Among Books, by Andrew Lang


American Literature – A lengthy essay from a 1911 encyclopedia

Among Famous Books, by John Kelman

Among My Books, by James Russell Lowell

Astrology in Shakespeare’s plays

Biographical Dictionary of Literature

Books & Characters: French and English, by Lytton Strachey

Books and Culture, by Hamilton Wright Mabie

Books Fatal to Their Authors, by P. H. Ditchfield

Delicious Vice – reading novels

Familiar Studies of Men and Books, by Robert Louis Stevenson

Greek and Roman Classics

Hours in a Library, by Leslie Stephens

Initial Studies in American Letters, by Henry A. Beers

Literary Taste: How to Form It, by Arnold Bennett

Miscellaneous Literary Essays

My Literary Passions, by William Dean Howells

Outlines of English and American Literature, by William J. Long

Favorite Poems

Short Stories

Arts (General)

Art on playing cards

Louis Grell, book illustrator

Workers in Art

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