Fine Art on Playing Cards and Tarot Cards


Durer TarotFine art has often been portrayed on playing cards, usually as a card back design but, occasionally, on face cards as well.  We’ve put together a list of examples of artists whose work is represented on playing cards and tarot cards, and hope to continue to add to this list as our researches continue. 

Fine Art Playing Cards


Tarot Cards – Tarot symbolism is a tempting theme for some artists.

  • Bosch Tarot – Not really done by Hieronymus Bosch, but in the style of Bosch.  Call it “Bosch-like.”  (Or “Bosch Lite”.)

  • Durer Tarot – Not really done by Albrecht Dürer, but in the style of Dürer. 
  • Salvador Dali Universal Tarot Cards  – A $100 tarot deck.  Impressive, eh?  But good art doesn’t come cheaply . . . Actually, now that it is out of print, a deck in new condition sells for three or four times more than $100 . . .


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