1864 Poker Deck


1864 Poker DeckThe 1864 Poker Deck is a reproduction of a Civil War-era poker deck with full-length, single ended court figures.  Like other decks used during the Civil War, and subsequently in the saloons of the Old West, this deck does not have corner indices.  Note, also, the square corners.

The original of this deck was published by L. I. Cohen, a stationer in New York City.  Cohen is a significant figure in the history of American playing cards.  He invented the machine that allowed four colors to be printed on a card in one impression. 

This deck was published through the 1860’s.  Doc Holliday (1851 – 1887) would have learned to play cards with a deck similar to this one. 

Here’s a view of the back of the card back:

1864 Poker Deck Reverse

The current 1864 Poker Deck is manufactured by US Games, Inc.