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Since 1997, this site has been one of the world's leading sources of information on stamp collecting, book collecting and literature, including:

Articles on Classic Era Postage Stamps, Philatelic Terms, and Creating a Philatelic Collection Plan, and;

Advice on Antiquarian Book Values, Books and Bookmen, Caring for Your Book Collection, Enemies of Books, and the Love Affairs of a Bibliomaniac, along with new and old writings on Literature, such as the Outlines of English and American Literature by William J. Long and Books Fatal to Their Authors by P. H. Ditchfield, plus;

Articles on collecting playing cards, including identification guides for Bee and Bicycle, and information on Valuing Old Decks of Playing Cards;


and a good bit of other information, on topics ranging from American Indians, birthstones, chess, ghosts, hobbies, holidays (including Valentine's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and
Christmas), jigsaw puzzles, etiquette, literary taste, love letters, musicsuccess, scale models, personal growth, folklore and mythology, and much more.


Choosing the Right Postage Stamp Catalogue

Decisions about stamp catalogues depend upon a number of factors, including where one resides and what one collects.

Caring for Your Book Collection

Helpful information on storing and handling books, magazines and related items.

Philatelic Terms

A glossary of terms and abbreviations frequently encountered by stamp collectors.

There's a great deal more to explore

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Do People Still Collect Stamps?

We address the question, explaining why people still collect stamps and how stamp collecting has changed in recent times.


The View from 1902

Edward J. Nankivell, writing at the very beginning of the 20th century, noted that, "Ever since the collection of postage stamps was first started it has been sneered at as a passing craze, and it has been going to die a natural death for the past forty years. But it is not dead yet. Indeed, it is very much more alive than it has ever been. Still the sneerers sneer on, and the false prophets continue to prophesy its certain end." And that's just the beginning of what he had to say about stamp collecting's permanence.

Creating a Philatelic Collection Plan

Let us begin by saying that it is, unquestionably, good to have a stamp collecting plan, if you're going to collect stamps. Your resources, such as time and money, are finite, and even though you probably collect stamps to relax and enjoy yourself, there's no harm in giving a bit of forethought to precisely how you intend to use your resources. Read more.


Who We Are

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