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A list of excellent classical music recordings, arranged by composer.  Before we begin, I should explain a personal preference; it has been my experience, gained over decades of purchasing classical recordings, that one is often better off buying a large set of a composer's works when such a set is of available and of the best quality.  This assertion is made for two reasons; convenience and economy.  While such boxed sets often seem expensive, they are ultimately usually quite reasonable when compared with the cost of buying individual CD's.  On the other hand, there are some composers (Handel and Mahler both come to mind) where absolute completeness may not be desired.

Classical music has enriched my life beyond measure.  I am grateful to the composers and performers who have created - and who still create - this magical experience, and I am happy to pass along recommendations that I hope will enrich your life as well.


  • Bach, Johann Sebastian
    • Essential Bach - This is a very inexpensive 2-CD set from Decca, and is a wonderful introduction to Bach's more familiar compositions.


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