AMPHILOCHUS, in Greek legend, a famous seer, son of Amphiaraus and Eriphyle and brother of Alcmaeon.  According to some he assisted in the murder of Eriphyle, which, according to others, was carried out by Alcmaeon alone (Apollodorus iii.  6, 7). He took part in the expedition of the Epigoni against Thebes and in the Trojan War. After the fall of Troy he founded, in conjunction with Mopsus, another famous seer, the oracle of Mallos in Cilicia.  The two seers afterwards fought for its possession, and both were slain in the combat.  Amphilochus is also said to have been killed by Apollo (Strabo xiv. 675, 676).  According to another story, he returned to Argos from Troy, but, being dissatisfied with the condition of things there, left it for Acarnania, where he founded Amphilochian Argos on the Ambracian gulf.  He was worshipped at Oropus, Athens and Sparta.

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Source: 1911 encyclopedia.





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