The Teachings, by Thomas Giggs

The Teachings, with Additional Commentary by Thomas Giggs is a small e-book, originally published on September 23rd, 2019. (September 23rd was the autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere.) Because this website is owned and operated by Akarius LLC, the publisher of the book, we cannot offer an impartial review. We would, though, like to provide some factual information for readers which we trust will prove to be of interest.

Q. What is The Teachings about?

A. Essentially,The Teachings is a spiritual work, with important implications for environmental and ecological issues. The primary section of the book consists of 22 teachings (hence the title) that depict Adam and Eve not as the first humans but as the first successful agriculturists. Their discovery of how to grow food led - according to The Teachings - to a pact between God and humans that gave humans a significant responsibility as Earth's caretakers. There's more, of course, including moral and ethical guidance.


Q. With what religious tradition are The Teachings affiliated?

A. According to the book's description, The Teachings are, "Neither Christian nor Buddhist nor Taoist, and yet respectful or all sacred paths, The Teachings represent a path forward for all."

Q. Who is Thomas Giggs?

A. Thomas Giggs describes himself as, "no mystic, no prophet, certainly no saint," whose, "life has been an unremarkable one." Mr. Giggs has an author page on Amazon.

Q. When were The Teachings written?

A. There's no precise answer to this question. The actual Teachings themselves, along with some commentary, were written prior to 2011, and a copy was subsequently filed with the U.S. Copyright Office in the summer of 2011. However, The Teachings were left unpublished until September of 2019. Mr. Giggs states in his Preface that his initial idea was to arrange to have The Teachings published after his death; he is, though, still alive as of this writing (October, 2019). His apparent motivation for changing his original plan was a cancer diagnosis.

Q. What else should I know?

A. Obviously, the best way to learn about The Teachings is by reading them. The description of the book asks, "Can this small spiritual treasure save our planet?" It's an interesting question, and one readers can answer for themselves. We are inclined to say, "Yes."




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